On the green, begin lining up your putt and reading the break as soon as you reach the green. When it’s your turn to putt, be prepared to step right up and take the stroke.

Murphy Creek Golf Course
June 17, 2017

1st Tee Time:  6:30 a.m

Sign Up Begins: June 3
Sign Up Deadline: June 11

Order of Flights


Hitting the ball is the fun part of it, but the fewer times you hit the ball the more fun you have.
- Lou Graham

Format:  2-Man Best Ball

  • Four flights being formed by total combined USGA handicaps
  • Players may pick their own partner or a player may sign-up as a single and a partner will be selected for him
  • This tournament will combine the three formats into one  (Best Ball  -  Scramble  -  Modified Scotch)
  • The team with the Lowest Score in each flight wins

Handicaps Used:

  • See below for handicaps used


  • Flights 1                          Blue Markers
  • Flights 2 and 3               White Markers
  • Flights 4                          Gold Markers

Tournament Directions:

  • Best Ball  (Holes 1-6)  90% of each player's handicap multiplied by .33
  • Each player will play his own ball
  • Record player's Gross Score for each hole
  • Record the Team's Best-Ball Net Score for each hole

  • Scramble -  (Holes 7-12)  20% of teams combined handicaps multiplied by .33
  • Both players will tee off on each hole
  • Both players will play from the chosen position
  • Both players are allowed to lift, clean, and place their own ball within 12 inches of the chosen spot, keeping the ball in the same condition as the original ball (sand trap, rough, fairway, fringe of green)
  • Be careful no to tap in a putt before both players have putted
  • Record the Team's Net Score for each hole

  • Modified Scotch -  (Holes 13-18)  50% of players' combined handicaps multiplies by .33
  • Both players will tee off on each hole
  • The team will decide which ball is to be played
  • The players (playing one ball) will then alternate shots until the hole is completed
  • Record the Team's Net Score for each hole


  • Total the Team's Score

Contest Holes:

  • Flight 1      Par 3:   17         Closest Second Shot:    1
  • Flight 2      Par 3:    5          Closest Second Shot:    1
  • Flight 3      Par 3:   11         Closest Second Shot:   10
  • Flight 4      Par 3:   8           Closest Second Shot:   10

Optional Skins Game:

  • Team Skins:  $20.00 per team  ($10.00 per player) 
  • Skins will be based on the Team's Total Score for each hole

Rounds are to be completed by the time indicated on the scorecard

Time-Stamp Scorecard
at the completion of 9 and 18 holes,
before totaling scores