On the green, begin lining up your putt and reading the break as soon as you reach the green. When it’s your turn to putt, be prepared to step right up and take the stroke.

Murphy Creek Golf Course
August 26, 2017

1st Tee Time:  8:00 a.m

Sign Up Begins: August 12
Sign Up Deadline: August 20

Order of Flights


It takes hundreds of good golf shots to gain confidence, but only one bad one to lose it...
~ Jack Nicklaus

Format:  Individual Gross-Net

  • Four flights being formed by total combined USGA handicaps
  • A player can win in only one category - Gross or Net
  • The Lowest Gross Score and the Lowest Net Score in each flight wins

Handicaps Used:

  • 100% of the player's handicap

Tees:  Blue, White, Gold, Red tee markers will be the only markers used

  • All players wil begin on the White Markers
  • If a player's Net Score is Par on a hole, he will Remain on the tee markers from which he played the previous hole
  • If a player's Net Score is Birdie or better on a hole, he will then Move Back one set of tee markers from which he played the previous hole (Do Not move back past the Blue tee markers)
  • If a player's Net Score is Bogie or worse on a hole, he will then Move Up one set of tee markers from which he played  the previous hole (Do Not move up past the Red tee markers)

Tournament Directions:

  • Exchange scorecard with another player
  • Record Player's Gross Score for each hole
  • To help with the Pace of Play, once a player has hit his 10th shot, the player should pick-up


  • Total the Player's Gross Score
  • Each player must have a score to be posted (For handicap reporting purposes)

Contest Holes:

  • Flight 1      Par 3:   11        Closest Second Shot:     2
  • Flight 2      Par 3:    5         Closest Second Shot:     2
  • Flight 3      Par 3:   17        Closest Second Shot:   12
  • Flight 4      Par 3:    8         Closest Second Shot:   12

Optional Skins Game:

  • Individual Skins:  $10.00 per player  
  • Skins will be based on the Player's Gross Score for each hole

Rounds are to be completed by the time indicated on the scorecard

Time-Stamp Scorecard
at the completion of 9 and 18 holes,
before totaling scores